About the Course

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About the Course

James R. Thompson

Original Nine, 1928 Designer

William Oettinger

New Nine, 2000 Designer

Rules of Play

USGA rules govern all play, except where local rules apply.

Local Rules

  • Fence down right side of the 11th hole is out of bounds.
  • Fence protecting the Fairways restaurant on the 9th hole is out of bounds.
  • Balls crossing Brooks Lane are out of bounds.
  • Out of bounds marked by white stakes or lines.
  • Water hazards marked by yellow stakes or lines.
  • Lateral hazards marked by red stakes or lines.

Golf Course Etiquette

  • Golf etiquette and proper attire expected. Please wear collared shirts or golf specific mock necks. No cutoffs or tee shirts.
  • Soft spikes are required.
  • Keep pace with group ahead of you. Your goal is a 4 hour round.
  • Please let faster groups through.
  • After you have completed 9 holes, please stop for a short time only, so that you do not delay the groups behind you.
  • Play ready golf. While cart partner is hitting, take clubs with you and walk to your ball. Mark your scores down at next tee box while others are hitting.
  • Fix your ball mark on green, plus one and repair all divots.
  • Rake all bunkers smooth after hitting and leave rakes in the bunker.

Cart Rules

  • Players are responsible for any damage to golf carts.
  • Keep carts on path on all par 3’s.
  • Keep carts on path around tees and when approaching greens.
  • Avoid going down steep slopes when grass is wet. Use cart path instead.
  • 90 degree rule is always observed. This means, use cart path any time you travel towards the green, then go 90 degrees out to your ball. After your shot, take cart back to path.

** Please ring bell after finishing holes #3, #5 and #15. Players behind you cannot see the green on these holes and need to know when you are off of the green.