Resort Champions




2018 Jim Valentin Marina Tompkins
2013 Dave Champagne Jeanne Lacy
2012 Tom Yannone Sandra Drahushuk
2011 Dave Champagne Sandra Drahushuk
2010 Tom Yannone Sandra Drahushuk
2009 Tom Yannone Sandra Drahushuk
2008 Tom Yannone Sandra Drahushuk
2007 Tom Yannone Sandra Drahushuk
2006 Dave Champagne Jan Vincent
2005 Steve Coates Jan Vincent

Catskill Invitational Results

This past Friday and Saturday July 19th and 20th Catskill Golf Club/Resort hosted its 3rd annual Catskill Classic formerly known as the Catskill Invitational.  Under extremely hot temperatures on both days of competition the team of Mike Sporton and Chris Chiarappa from Christman’s Windham House fired rounds of 64-64 to win the Championship flight at 16 under par.  Day 1 was a 2 person scramble and day 2 was 2 person better ball.  Managing Member of the Catskill Golf Resort David Vipler, “We were delighted to bring the Catskill Classic back to the tournament schedule at the Resort.  Our thanks to Tony Vizzie Jr. and Brian Lowe for help in bringing this long standing tradition at the course back to its rightful standing after a brief few years absence.  Formerly known as the Catskill Invitational for 53 years until a 3 year hiatus from 2014-2016.

3rd Annual Catskill Classic Results – 2019

Championship Flight

1st           Mike Sporton/Chris Chiarappa                    128

2nd          Jim Hamburger/Nick Dilio                             131

3rd           Brandon Oot/James/McElhatton              136

4th           Seth and Fred Guterman                              138

4th           Jim Toomey/Kevin Broderick                      138

6th           Tony Vizzie Jr./Dave Shea                             141

6th           Steve Jones/Ed VanNostrand                      141

8th           Barry Winter/Bernie Lonczak                      146

1st Flight

1st           Tony Vizzie Sr./Jim Valentin                         137

2nd          Tom Yannone/Roger Vaughn                      138

3rd           Danny Powell/Joe Clancy                              141

4th           Chris Fabiano/Doc Salinovich                       143

5th           Bill Thornton/Dan Lee                                    146

6th           Tim Ohle/Peter Martucci                              147

7th           Peter Varelas/Pete Distefano                     152

2nd Flight

1st           Glenn Coons/Gary Grimm                            144

2nd          Dave Merchant Jr/Dave Merchant Sr.      147

3rd           Joe Pilatich/Pat Tomaszewski                     149

4th           Bill and Shane Oravsky                                   150

5th           Vince D’Antonio/Marc Krasnow                 151

6th           Dennis and Andrew O’Grady                       152

7th           Hasenbalgs                                                         168

3rd Flight

1st           Don Litano/Jeff Thomas                                153

2nd          Jim Riley/Dale Finch                                        155

3rd           Jim Maccaline/Tony Maccaline                   155

4th           Mike Marsh/Richardson                                159

5th           Doug and Gordie Johnson                            165

6th           Don Holden/Jim Tibbetts                              166

7th           Duke Donsbaugh/Fred Woltersdorf         168

2nd Annual Catskill Classic Results – 2018

Championship Flight

Hamburger/Shanley                       138(-6)

Jones/VanNostrand                        139(-5)

Shea/Corderre                                  141(-3)

Vaughn/Yannone                            146(+2)

Shea/LaMadeleine                          147(+3)

Vizzie/Vizzie                                       148(+4)

Schumacher/Schumacher            153(+9)

1st Flight

Oot/Ohle                                             141

Salinovich/Fabiano                          149

Distefano/Varelas                           150

Oravsky/Oravsky                             160

Hasenbalg/Goodwin                      162

Donsbaugh/Woltersdorf               185

2nd Flight

Meo/Tomaszewski                          151

Lacy/Lacy                                             152

Valentin/John                                   152

Quinn/Quinn                                     153

Deieso/Ottman                                154

Jumpy/Schermerhorn                    162

3rd Flight

Merchant/Merchant                      157

D’Antonio/Krasnow                        158

Marquiot/Guterman                      162

Pilatich/Jacobs                                  164

Marsh/Richardson                           165

Maccaline/Maccaline                     166

4th Flight

Riley/Finch                                          157

Johnson/Johnson                            158

O’Grady/Tibbetts                            165

Litano/Thomas                                  165

Calkins/Gottesman                         173

Pavlin/Pavlin                                      193